Here it is. Almost ten months after leaving my job to have our son, my boyfriend has gone from subtle hints to stern warnings and serious demands.

“I think you need time away from Luke.” He says one morning, very much out of the blue, over eggs and toast.

“Money is getting a little tight.” He claims in the cereal aisle of Wegman’s.

“You need to go back to work. Like yesterday.” He tucks his shirt into the slacks I just finished ironing and finishes getting ready for a long 11 hour shift we’re both dreading.

I’m starting to think he’s right.

I love being at home with my son. It is better than any job I could ever imagine, but lately I’m feeling stir crazy and I know my boyfriend wants more time alone with our son.

So here I am at 1 a.m. looking for writing jobs and trying to make room in our little townhouse for a secluded, distraction free home office.


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